Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Brother The Addict My Husband The Police Officer

Its Heidi.....

As you all know my brother is an addict my husband however is a police officer.  Until I decided to get help for my addiction to my brother's addiction I was always siding with my brother.  Just a little side note.... My husband is not a police officer in our town he has no jurisdiction here.  However, we know all of the police in the community.  So my husband was always getting calls from them looking for my brother.  He and I would fight all the time and I would say if it were your family you would want to protect them also.  He would of course say Heidi he is breaking the law.  I knew that but I didn't want to see him in jail.  So needless to say there have been many arguments about that. 

I have since realized my brother is a grown man and knows the consequences of his actions and if he doesn't care if he ends up in jail why the hell should I?????

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