Saturday, May 19, 2012

He Is A Thief :(

The day we found out Crack had my brother was the day my husband started realizing some of our electronics, games, and worst of all the CD collection my husband had of his late brothers were missing.  It was horrible.  A lot of the things that were taken from us were my late brother in law's belongings we received from the in laws after his death and my husband cherished them.  I felt horrible I let him in my house so he wasn't on the street and this is how treats us.  I was so heartbroken.  He would steal my kids change.  I mean whatever he could get his hands on he would take them and pawn them and sell them or even trade them for drugs.  It disgust me more than anyone will ever know. 

3 summers ago we decided to install a pool.  Well that costs an arm and a leg.  We had taken the money out of the bank and put it in my husbands gun safe.  I used it to pay the electrician and to buy all the things we needed for the pool.  I had taken some money out to go to the landscapers and pay them for the sand and went to the pool store to get the chemicals and pool toys for the kids.  At this time my brother was riding with me and saw the money I had.  I never thought in a million years he would take my money when he knew I needed it. 

The next morning came the electrician was at the house to finish up his work and I he asked for the rest of his money and my husband went to the safe and the money was gone.  I said well look in my purse maybe I forgot to put it away.  I had 300 dollars in my purse the day before.  It was gone.  I started to shake I was so mad how was I going to pay for this.  I told my hubs to go and get the checkbook.  knowing I didn't have the money I wrote the check.  My parents were standing there and my mom was crying and my dad was red.  Luckily my dad gave me the money to cover the check.  I called my brother who by the way was in my car supposedly on a job interview but really he was out smoking up my money.  My hubs parents live out west and also wired money in our account because that not only was the pool money but grocery money for the week. 

This was only the first time he stole from me.  I will share many more.

Lots of love and healing,


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