Monday, May 21, 2012

Here We Go Again.....

Its Heidi,

I guess they found our brother this morning at the public library on facebook.  The detectives called me said he was put into the hospital for eval.  I guess he is out because he just messaged me on facebook it says  "why don't you and mom just stay the hell out of my life"  I replied, the cops were at my house at 10pm, 12:30am, and again this morning because you told someone in a park last night that you were going to hang yourself when all the people left.  We had nothing to do with it.  I just told them where I thought you would be.  You cause and uproar and then want to blame people for caring. 

He is on FB this morning and I received 14 messages from people I don't even know begging me to help my brother because he is going to hang himself.  I replied back to every single one and said the sheriffs office found him the the library on FB having a laugh at all of you crying and begging him to get help. 

Someone wrote back and told me I was an uncaring sister and for my sake hopefully he doesn't do anything to himself. 

I had to laugh.  I have heard he was going to kill himself everyday since so far back I can't remember.  I want to take these people and shake them.  They are feeding into his deception and attention seeking ways. 

I know this may sound harsh and unkind but I am so over the threats and I don't believe them.  I would be the last person to call the cops if he said that.  If I did all I would do is call the police.  I am glad people have the heart to want to help my brother but HE DOES NOT WANT IT.  Its a waste of time.  And when people do help as you can see I get blamed by him and told to stay the hell out of his life.  He has openly admitted on FB he only says that to get the attention.

My feeling I have known people who have taken their own lives several actually and none of them were blasting it on facebook before hand.  

I also know if he does he needed way more help than I could ever give him and he will not manipulate me back into his addiction. 

Lots of Love and Healing,


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  1. Hi Girls, I found you through Ron over at An Addict in my Son's bedroom. I look forward to reading more of your story. I am also the sister of an addict, the mother of an addict and the daughter of two alcoholic/addicts. I am finding my way through though thanks to Alanon and keeping the focus on what I can change, which is myself. I'm glad you are here. Feel free to visit me over at my blog too. Bless your hearts for writing and I hope you are able to find some peace through your journey.