Friday, January 18, 2013

It's Been A While My Friend

Sorry it has been so long since I have written a blog.  Life has been crazy busy. Starting in July we begin our daughters sport season it goes until November and then indoor club season begins.  AHHHHH I feel like its all I do.

Anyway, things have been a slightly calm around here.  We have begun making a new home our house yay its only been over a year since we closed on the house. LOL! We of course spent another Thanksgiving and Christmas without my brother.  He is still in his long term rehab however, it is now COURT ORDERED!!! YAY! He is still facing a lengthy jail sentence for other charges.  I can't think about it though.  He had everything he needed and still decided to use and steal.  I read on another blog that addict and criminal eventually become on in the same.  SO TRUE. 

I have made peace with the fact that the brother I once had is gone, never to come back.  My brother now is a recovering crack addict and a felon.  I realize that things will never be the same.  The questions in my head are ongoing.  Will I ever trust him?  Can I ever believe a word he says? Can I ever let him in my house without hiding my good silverware? Well I don't really have good silverware but you know what I mean. The same questions you have in your mind about your addict.

So on to the holidays.....

Thanksgiving 2012

Horrible all the way around.... I was the emergency room with Bronchitis that turned into Pneumonia ugh.  I was so sick I couldn't even eat :( Our addict was not here.  Of course missed. 

Christmas 2012....

 The hubs had to work so the whole deal was on me Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning.  The children woke up at 4AM  ahhhhhhhh... Opened presents back to bed.  I had asked my mom if my brother was invited because I didn't want to not have a gift for him if he was coming.  Now some of you may be thinking a gift pshhhh I wouldn't buy him a gift.  Well we have caught onto his game you see, we don't buy anything worth value on the street.  I have bought him socks, underwear, toothbrushes, deodorant, things like that.  I believe I also will give him books. But nothing he can pawn or sell.  But anyway, mom said she invited him and he said no he didn't want to be around us yet.  He wasn't ready.  I am surprised and happy at this response.  Of course I miss him I haven't seen him in months.  We do text and of course I we talk a little on the dreaded facebook and if any of you have read my stuff before you know I have no problem deleting him when he is doing bad.  So things have calmed down like I said and I am enjoying it.  He gets out of rehab in a couple of months we will see what happens then.....